Belgian Trade Mission

TML参与阿斯特里德公主带领的访华行 / Biggest Belgian trade mission ever




On 17 November Princess Astrid has arrived in Beijing, China with a group of 632 participants. The trade mission aims to enhance the cooperation between China and Belgium, and to exchange information between two countries in different areas, including biochemical industry and logistics.

Tailormade logistcis (简称TML)的CEO,Bert先生也参与了此次走访。TML作为比利时优秀的物流企业,在欧洲有将近20个物流站,在汽车,时装,家具地板等行业都占据了数一数二的市场份额。在TML的客户名单里,有不少耳熟能详的国际企业,同时也有不少中国的企业。此次访华,Bert见到了更多的合作伙伴,认识了更多需要在欧洲大展身手的中国企业,更好地了解了中国市场的需求。为将来给更多的公司提供更优质的服务打下坚实的基础。


Bert Vandecaveye also joined the mission. He met a lot of partners and new potential clients. He also learned more about the specifics of the Chinese market, which can only help to improve our service.


自一带一路推广以来,Tailormade logistcis 结合了多种运输方式为客户打造了丰富的物流方案。同时,TML秉着每个客户都是独一无二的准则,为每个客户量身定做方案,让每个客户都能在物流板块达到最优。实现与客户共同快速成长的目标! 



Since the launch of the Belt and Road initiative, TML has been combining different kinds of transportation (via road, rail and sea). The goal of this initiative is to construct a unified large market and make full use of both international and domestic markets.