Tailormade Logistics expands Ghlin (BE) site with 2nd warehouse

TML expands Ghlin (BE) site with 2nd warehouse

Tailormade Logistics expands it's Ghlin site with a second warehouse, taken into use at the end of this month. 
The new warehouse has a 19.000 m2 capacity and was constructed next to the existing site, taken into use 4 years ago, with a 25.000 m2 warehouse.
Following the inauguration of this new warehouse, Tailormade Logistics' total warehouse space increases to 400.000 m2

CEO, Bert Vandecaveye:
"This expansion is part of Tailormade Logistics' ambitious growth plans. Ghlin is an important hub for TML, both in Belgium and internationally.
With its strategic geographic position near Mons, the Ghlin site functions as a hub for both the southern part of Belgium and the North of France. Through our hub in Paris, the entire Fench market is also unlocked.”

Certification and sustainability

The new site will be the first Tailormade warehouse with BIO certification, IFS certification and a FASFC license.
Three important assets for our food industry customers, both producers and retailers. 

Sustainability was also a consideration.
Solar panels will soon be installed on the roof to meet the energy needs of the warehouse, offices and rolling stock, like (electric) forklifts. 
In addition, 26 electric charging stations will be provided in preparation for the electrification of the company car fleet.

Vandecaveye: “Once operational, these solar panels will produce 3.890.000 kWh annually. We are currently investigating if we can transform the excess energy produced into green Hydrogen through an on-site electrolyzer. 
This Hydrogen can then be used to store energy which can be used to power forklifts and HGVs. An important element of our Mission Zero strategy, which aims to make all our warehousing and transportation activities 100% CO2-neutral. 

Automation and security

Along with the new warehouse, 3PL Dynamics, a new Microsoft Dynamics-based WMS system based is put into use to allow us to monitor our processes and the flow of goods more efficiently. 
Of course, the necessary security features are also in place to ensure the building meets the usual safety standards: access control, sprinklers, etc.

Vandecaveye: ”We are proud of this investment. We expand the Ghlin site with an additional 19.000 m2 of warehouse space and 20 loading docks.
The entire site employs about 115 workers, clerks and drivers.

Together they are committed to fulfilling all our customers' logistics and transport needs.
At the end of the day, that's what it's all about: meeting and exceeding our customers' expecatations."