Tailormade Logistics presents sustainability report

Sustainability is gaining social importance. More and more companies want information from their suppliers on what initiatives they are taking to minimise their impact on the planet. Suppliers of transport and logistics services have a great responsibility when it comes to sustainability.

To answer such questions, Tailormade Logistics prepared a sustainability report. The document explains Tailormade Logistics' sustainability vision, lists which sustainability actions have already been taken in 2021 and outlines the strategy for the coming years.


CEO Bert Vandecaveye: "Sustainability has been part of the Tailormade DNA for more than 25 years. Now it is receiving more attention and has become a hot topic within the transport and logistics sector. For us, this is the perfect time to share our vision of sustainable logistics and transport, because we want to take responsibility. Within our sector, we see many medium-term goals but still too few concrete actions. Our sustainability report shows how we differ in this."



Tailormade has been building for years and offers customers who value sustainability several sustainable solutions, such as a strong multimodal offer or HVO as an alternative to diesel.

Bert Vandecaveye: "We offer our customers sustainable solutions for their logistics issues. This looks different for every customer. Reducing the ecological footprint of our core activities requires a range of measures. There is no single formula for success."


"One option we can offer environmentally conscious customers is multimodal transport. A combination of transport by road, water and/or train. Freight transport by train reduces CO2 emissions by 90%, compared to traditional road transport. In 2021, we realised 11,000 intermodal movements between the UK, Belgium, France and Italy. We expect this number to increase further in the coming years."

"Multimodal freight transport is unfortunately not deployable in all scenarios." Indicates Vandecaveye. "Therefore, on short distances we are betting on HVO, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. Waste oil (from deep-frying, for example) that is reprocessed into a diesel alternative. Again, up to 90% CO2 emissions are saved, but HVO is not available at the pump and easily costs twice as much as diesel. We therefore built an HVO tank installation at our sites in Ghent and Ghlin. A 3rd HVO tank installation will soon be added at our site in Westerlo.


Vandecaveye: "Every customer is unique. Based on our experience in sustainable transport and logistics, Tailormade provides tailor-made advice. Here, the sustainability report serves as a summary of the vision and an overview of what can already be achieved today."

Tailormade Logistics' sustainability report is available online: